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Community Updates

News and updates about 195 District Park

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Lawn Care 

195 District Park is working toward a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach to its lawn management. As part of this process, there will be a gradual reduction in the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, while gradually increasing more organic-based practices. Beginning later this year, the soil will begin to receive regular treatments of organic materials and compost. As the soil quality in the park improves over time, the need to use fertilizers and pesticides on the lawn will be reduced. During this transitory period, fertilizers and pesticides that are EPA-regulated will periodically be used on the lawns. When these treatments occur, flags are posted to inform park visitors of the recent application, as required by law. It is important to note, pesticides are only applied within the park as spot treatments as needed. The park’s goal is to implement a lawn maintenance plan that does not require fertilizer or pesticide treatments but enhances the soil quality and provides a safer environment for visitors and the surrounding ecosystem  

Food and Beverage Pavilion

The 195 District Park Pavilion (Pavilion) is a proposed approximately 3,000-SF amenity featuring year-round dining, public bathrooms, and support space for park operations. The project will also include infrastructure upgrades to the park (e.g., WIFI service, grading and drainage improvements, and electrical upgrades). The Pavilion is intended to activate the park year-round, serve as an amenity for park users and the surrounding community, and support the 195 District’s economic development goals.

For more information on the Park Pavilion visit here.

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