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Hiring: Assistant Park Manager

195 District Park is seeking a full-time Assistant Park Manager to join our team. To learn more about the position please visit here. Applications should be sent to

Call for Curators and Programming

I-195 Redevelopment District is seeking proposals from curators, event organizers, and those interested in community programming for 195 District Park’s 2023 events season (April 2023 - March 2024). To learn more about this opportunity and to download an application visit here.

Seawall and Riverwalk Extension

Wexford Science and Technology, in partnership with the I-195 Redevelopment District and Rhode Island Energy completed construction to connect the existing Riverwalk through the Park to the Point Street Bridge. 

Pathway Repairs

Repairs to a small section of the walkways on the South Water Street side of the Park are underway. Half of the pathway will be closed until completion in late November.

Landscaping Improvements:

Work to add additional trees and plantings to the Park concluded in June 2022.

Peck Street Construction:

The Peck Street completion construction project concluded mid-2022 (the road adjacent to the west side of the park behind 200 Dyer Street). Fencing along Peck Street and the west side of the park has been removed.

Accessibility Upgrades:

Construction to improve accessibility and comply with the American Disabilities Act along the Riverwalk pathways adjacent to the Pedestrian Bridge completed in the Winter of 2021. The pathway running along the Riverwalk underneath the pedestrian bridge is now open and accessible to the public.

Lawn Restoration:

In Summer 2021 RIDOT completed work re-seeding the lawns on the west side of the park. In September 2021 RIDOT further re-seeded select areas in the lawn that require more germination. In the Spring of 2022 at the beginning of the planting season, The District also recently re-seeded the lawn where the Guild Beer Garden is located prior to the May 2022 opening date.

Art Restoration

Jerry Ehrlich's sculpture, "head in the clouds...... feet on the ground?" was recently restored and relocated to the east side of the park. It's looking great!

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