Call for Curators and Programming

I-195 Redevelopment District is seeking proposals from curators, event organizers, and those interested in community programming for 195 District Park’s 2023 events season (April 2023 - March 2024). To learn more about this opportunity and to download an application visit here.

For more information about information sessions including scheduled Q+A dates and how to submit e-mail questions please visit here

2022 Questions and Answers are archived here


Q1: How was the estimate of 4,500 daily visitors calculated?   

A1: Attendance figures are obtained from pedestrian counters located in the Park. 


Q2: Do you distinguish between passersby and event attendance on the daily visitor data? 

A2: The attendance estimates for events are either taken by manual counts done by Park staff or by analysis of pedestrian counter data during the specific times events take place.


Q3: What are the weight limits on the sidewalks?  

A3: To learn more about the Park’s pathway load guidelines please visit: 


Q4: Has anything in the application changed since last year?  

A4: The application has some changes from last year. These include, but are not limited to, updated site information, formatting, and the addition of language to emphasize that programs with earned income components such as ticket sales and sponsorships may still be eligible to respond to the Call for Curators and Programmers RFP. 


Q5: Is the stage space on the bridge considered a part of the Park? 

A5: The Michael Van Leesten Pedestrian Bridge is operated by the Providence Parks Department. Programs that take place exclusively on the Michael Van Leesten Bridge do not qualify for this RFP. 


Q6: What is the timeline or status of the Percent for Art sculpture?  

A6: This is a City-lead initiative and encourage anyone interested in learning more to reach out to the City Department of Art Culture + Tourism. 


Q7: What is the timeline for the new bridge, and accessibility to Point St? 

A7: The new footbridge was recently installed on site. Work is expected to be complete in early Summer at which point the temporary fencing in the Park will be removed. 


Q8: What is the timeline on the food and beverage pavilion? 

A8: The Park pavilion project is entering the design development phase and is expected to break ground no earlier than Winter of 2023.   


Q9: Are there any restrictions on what can be done on the grass, as opposed to the walkways? 

A9:  There are subsurface utility and irrigation lines in the lawn areas. Tents that must be staked into the ground will require extra care, including retaining ground-penetrating radar services (GRPS) to avoid these. Additionally, there is an existing natural gas line on the west side of the Park that requires of a 15-foot clearance. It is recommended to use weight systems to secure tents in the Park whenever possible.

Q10: What are you looking for in marketing information and deadlines? Do marketing materials need to be ready at the time of the application? Are applicants supported in promoting their event? 

A10: When reviewing applications, Park staff are considering what methods of marketing and communications an applicant is planning to utilize to promote their event and the anticipated expenses associated with these efforts. Completed marketing materials are not expected to be included in the application. Applicants are expected to contribute to their event’s marketing efforts.  Park staff will work with event organizers to provide support in these efforts.


Q11: Is additional insurance required for staging and sound equipment?  

A11: An insurance broker will be able to advise specifically on what aspects of your event require additional coverage. The District strongly encourages utilizing A/V and production companies that have their own liability insurance.


Q12: Is the application available digitally, are there formatting preferences?  

A12: An editable .pdf file of the application is available on the District website at  If an applicant finds that space is limited within the text fields, it is acceptable to attach supplementary documents. It is important to answer all of the questions that are asked in RFP.


Q13: How long have you been doing this program? Do you have any best practices, or recommendations? 

A13: This is the second year for Call for Curators and Programming. It is recommended that applicants keep possible weather conditions and outdoor elements in mind as they plan for events, like wind, heat, rain, etc. If an application is approved, Park staff will work with event producers prior to the event, which will provide many opportunities to address any issues, concerns, or questions specific to the needs of the event. 


Q15: Do organizations need to be a 501c3 or have fiscal sponsorship?  

A15: No, the Call for Curators and Programmers is not restricted to a particular type of applicant. 


Q16: What was the average grant awarded last year? 

A16: The average award in 2022 was approximately $5,000. Proposals ranging from $1,000 to $10,000 were funded. 

Q17: What is the estimated range of funding available for an event in this Park?

A17: Applicants can request funding of up to $10,000.


Q18: Are we able to do food truck events with our own beer garden on the opposite side of the PVD Guild Beer Garden? 

A18: A proposal can be submitted for consideration.


Q19: Are we able to do food trucks at non-specific times?  

A19: All activities in the Park must be scheduled and coordinated in advance with Park staff.


Q20: Is the Park considered a State Park?

A20: The Park does not fall under the jurisdiction of the State Park’s Department.


Q21: For approved events would we be able to supply alcoholic beverages for sale to attendees other than beer if we provided a Class P liquor license? 

A21: The District requires that applicants hold a current liquor license within the State of Rhode Island in order to be able to serve alcohol at events in the Park. Prospective events that include alcohol sales are also required to appear at a City of Providence special events hearing.


Q22: Will there be an RFP on the beer garden any time soon or will Guild PVD Beer garden be there indefinitely?

A22: The contract with The Guild to operate a beer garden continues through 2024. 


Q23: A state-issued Class P license is only good for 5 hours a day. What type of liquor license would be needed to operate 8-10 hours a day on State property?

A23: See A21.


Q24: If a third-party was responsible for scheduling food trucks for daily or weekly events would the beer garden pay a percentage to the organizer for bringing sales to the otherwise slow days?

A24:  Applicants to the Call for Curators and Programming RFP would be encouraged to work with the Guild PVD on an arrangement. 


Q25: I don’t see “food” as one of the venues. Are Food related events being considered? Is that a city-level query? If not, why haven’t RFP’s been sent out for food and alcohol bids? I’m pretty sure I’m receiving all other RFP’s.

A25: Proposals for food events would be considered as part of the Call for Curators and Programming RFP. All food and beverage concessions in the Park have been solicited through RFPs.

Q26: Is asking for donations allowed under the grant?

A26: Yes, it is permitted.

Q27: What is a typical event time?

Q27: The District will work with event organizers to determine event run times that are suitable for both parties. Event organizers should think about what timeframe they feel will best serve their program or event. If an event is proposed near the Guild Beer Garden, it is suggested that organizers consult the Guild’s hours of operation.


Q28: What are some options to display art?

A28: There are many different options for displaying art in the Park. Park staff will discuss with event organizers what options are best suited for a project depending on the specifications of the art. Past methods have included using a projector and screen, sandwich boards, or easels if they are properly secured and weighed down. The Park can be windy, so another option is the also utilize pop-up tents with siding to block the wind. 


Q29: Do we need to mindful of the Providence Flea? 

A29: It is possible to host an event in the Park during the same time the flea market is taking place. The Providence Flea takes place on South Water Street near the Park's east side. Park Staff will work with event organizers to determine a site plan and time frame that works for both events.

Q30: Do you have a sense on how long the review process for grant applications take?

A30: Park staff tries to review applications within 2-3 weeks upon receipt. 

Q31: Where can you find the application? 

A31: The editable .pdf application can be found at: 


Q32: Is it recommended to list promotional expenses, such as social media advertisements on the budget? 

A32: Yes, there is a specific line item in the budget section of the RFP for marketing and promotional expenses. Applicants should be as detailed as possible in their responses to the budget section, including specifics about what promotional avenues they plan to utilize for their events. 


Q33: What communication channel is recommended for working with the Guild? 

A33: Once an application is approved, Park staff can make an introduction to the Guild and aid with any necessary scheduling coordination.


Q34: If a program is occurring within the Guild footprint, is it still eligible for the Call for Curators Grant? 

A34: Yes. 


Q35: Would an installation be eligible for the Call for Curators grant?  

A35: Yes, installations or proposed extended programming proposals are eligible for the Call for Curators grant funding.

Q36: What are the needed precautions for a multi-day installation in a public outdoor space? Will items disappear if they are not secured to something? 

A36: Suggested precautions for an installation could include weather events, specifically high winds, and public interaction whether positive or negative. The District will work with grantees to discuss any guidelines on specific structures or installations but is not responsible for any damages that might occur to an installation. 


Q37: Have you had musical events in the space? What are the power considerations? 

A37: District Park has hosted several musical events ranging from large-scale productions with staging and lighting rigs to small-scale productions requiring only a small sound system or amplifier. There are electric outlets on half of the light poles on the west side of the Park that can be used to power small-scale productions. For large-scale productions with more substantial power needs, applicants might need to procure a power generator.  


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