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Event Highlights

We've hosted many incredible events at District Park, please enjoy some of our highlights. 

Ice Jam 2023

The Park hosted its first winter event on Saturday, January 28th 2023, and it was a blast! 

The Ice Jam featured a festive walkway with ice sculptures and illuminations, inflatable sculptures by Phneuhaus, a beer trailer by The Guild PVD, and food trucks including Café Modesto, A Mano Pizza, and Masa Taqueria. Attendees kept warm in the heated tent and enjoyed family-friendly activities courtesy of The Rainbowbeard Show. 

The Michael Van Leesten Memorial Bridge also featured Books are Wings and curated a story walk through the Park. 

5,000 community members got together to enjoy the perfect winter day at District Park! 

The Ice Jam was a collaboration between the Bank Newport City Center, Providence Parks Department, and Aloft Hotel. 

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